Cost & value

Many metrics for ‘cost’ and ‘value’ can be applied to creative processes. Often, energy is the biggest expense, and this, as much as financial expenses, can be the main barrier to participation for disabled people, particularly when they are also facing class or racial barriers. 27% of disabled adults in the UK live in poverty, and it costs £583 more a month on average to live as a disabled person. The same work may ‘cost’ different people completely different things, just as the ‘value’ people bring to the work may be completely different.  

While we might not always be able to pay others or ourselves for their work, we should be aware of who this leaves out of the conversation, and actively engage with trying to minimise other kinds of costs involved. 

  • Where is the money coming and going from, and who or what does this enable?
  • What is the ‘value’ that you are trying to produce through your project? 
  • What metrics of ‘cost’ are you using, and are there expenses outside these metrics which may be unacknowledged? 
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