Distribution & press

It is one thing providing access provisions to try and reach a particular group of people, and another to ensure that the people who actually benefit from those provisions know about it. Including access specifications in all press material, advertising things for long enough to reach less immediate audiences, and following some basic accessibility social media guides can really help. Being honest about what you can’t prove is equally important. For example, if you can’t find a venue with step free access, mentioning there is a flight of stairs to access the venue allows people to make informed decisions. 

Distributing published material digitally, for sale online, for sale in bookshops and through publishing fairs all have their own affordances, and each allow and disallow different people to access the material.

  • What distribution methods are most appropriate to your work and process?
  • Who are you wanting to encounter your publication, and where are the places that this encounter is able to happen? 
  • Who is your project accessible to, and how can you make sure they know? 
Accessible Marketing Guide by Unlimited
How to Write Alt Text and Image Descriptions for the visually impaired by Perkins School for the Blind