Roles & Heirachies

Publishing, even self-publishing, is always collaborative. Traditional roles might include a director, designer, editor, writer, distributor and bookseller, but even if we are self-publishing and doing most or all of those roles ourselves, the meaning of what we have published is produced in collaboration with our reader. 

The boundaries of all these different roles and the hierarchies between them can enact – or resist – hegemonic power dynamics. These power dynamics are affected by how we come to each other as whole people, our lived and historical experiences of marginalisation, and our embodied experiences of being in this world. 

  • Is the ‘public’ this publication is intended for reflected in the leadership and decision making of this project?
  • Is everyone involved aware of the boundaries of roles, and how they are accountable to each other? Have these boundaries been mutually agreed by each according to their ability?
  • How will you resolve conflict should disagreements arise? 
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